Navàs, Catalonia, 15 May 1969

I was born in front of the station of a train that was not in a rush. It had so few things that it was taken away after a while. Everything was done in a hurry, and nobody wanted the poor train anymore. I grew up making play-huts in Alzineta there when there were still a lot of tall, beautiful pines, the bonfires of San Juan on the Pla del Gubianas, playing in the bell tower, as the door was always open, discovering the world with the Boy Scouts, making the best gift packages in the world at the shop we had at home, playing football with friends every day of the week and watching how the flocks of farm animals went past the house. I drew, painted, like everyone in my house. One day a teacher told me one day that we would not be drawing in class anymore, because we were now 9 years old. Later I discovered that there were people who were professional illustrators and who were adults. But I was no longer a child and I was not sure what I wanted to be when I was a grown-up. But I wanted to be happy. Like those at home, like my friends in the boy scouts, like the people people who make the giants dance in the town fairs, like so many other great and happy people.

There is no train, or station, there are many pines less in the Alzineta, the bell tower is always locked. But I have discovered that there are adults who write stories and tales about trains, trees, and bell towers. And of lambs like those in the flocks that used to pass by in front of the house. And I like to imagine worlds, and I try to change them and paint them with new colours. And you know, the happiest people I know, are adults, who change the colour of the world whenever they can.

I studied for a time at the Massana School and it was there where I discovered the art of illustrating stories. Discovering the work of Carme Solé Vendrell, Montse Ginesta, Mariscal, Peret, Arnal Ballester or Montse Tobella was what drove me to begin my adventures in this world. Training with Carme Solé Vendrell was motivated my professionalism. I published my first book in 1995, it was written by Elena O'Callaghan. I have illustrated books for various publishers, both children's and youth literature and textbooks.

My interest in discovering new paths has led me to create large-scale murals. I have painted for schools, libraries, on building facades and in live performances. Transforming a wall allows me to create a story, to create a small universe, and to feel free, as if I were flying.

My real school has been the scout movement. Illustrating books and murals is my craft, which I do, above all, with my heart and head.

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